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The best times to visit Eritrea

Festivals and Holidays

Festival Eritrea

The best time to visit this amazing country is to come during the time of the biggest festival in the entire country, Festival Eritrea. This is held each year in Asmara during the final week in July and the first week in August. The festival generally lasts for about ten days and is held at the city's Expo Exhibition Grounds, attracting thousands of people. This celebrates Eritrean life and culture by displaying dances and parades.

Bicycle Nation

Eritrea has many special events, such as cycling events. Eritrea is Africa's top country in cycling, so it is greatly celebrated within the country. In Asmara, bicycling tournaments are help within the Alpine Valley and they are a great way to celebrate the Eritrean culture. These are usually held in February where the weather is nice in the 70s, so visiting this makes for a great vacation.

Birth of the Prophet

A joyous remembrance of the birth of the prophet, this holiday is celebrated by Islam followers in Eritrea. The date changes every year according to the lunar calendar, but is mostly during the month of June.

Festival of Timket (Finding the True Cross)

This festival is held at the Bahti Meskerem Square in Asmara and has a free cost. This is celebrated in the center of the square and is celebrated by lighting a fire, with celebrations and dancing. This is held on Septemeber 27, every year.


New Year's Day

Eritrea joins the world in celebrating New Year's Day on January 1, and it marks the start of new beginnings and is usually celebtrated with fireworks. All of the citizens gather in the streets and celebrate this amazing holiday!

Christmas Day

Eritreans actually celebrate Christmas twice—on December 25 and again on January 7. The latter holiday is called Geez Christmas, which is recognized by members of the Russian Orthodox Church. This is celebrated with lights and trees, similar to the United States

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