An Architecture Destination

Welcome to MASSAWA

Full of architecture and history attractins such as the Imperial Palace and the Adulis archeological site. This city is a great place to visit around the month of January where there are decreased hotel prices and nice weather around the high 70s.

Imperial Palace

City of Massawa


City of Massawa
This dish is known as tsebhi sga, and is a mixed meat that is normally served with injera. This is specially made and will be found at the next Edison High School World's Fair.

  • Price for Overall trip:
    For staying for a week, a trip to stay at the Central Hotel is at the low price of a U.S. $42 a night. So if you would like to stay for a week, the price would be $294.
  • Hotel:
    Central Hotel in the center of Massawa and is said to be the best hotel in Eritrea by many toursist.

Things to do in Massawa

Sightseeing & Experience

Impressive architecture

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Beautiful morning

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