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Jocelyn Tran

14 years old from Edison High School

Traveled 18 times in 11 countries

Upon visiting Eritea, the beautiful acrchitectures and amazing landscapes were locked into my memory forever. I will never forget the amazing sights that the Eritrean land has to bring. Eritrea has so much beauty to offer, and every time I visit, the country becomes more stunning. Please visit this amazing country!

Sabrina Wang

14 year old from Edison High School

Traveled 9 times in 7 countries

Before stepping on the grounds of Eritrea, I never knew such architecture existed. I was left breathless with the sights landscaping, water, and architecture. I almost collapsed at the sight of the National Museum of Eritrea in Asmara. I could not believe my eyes. I fully recomend visting this country, and I give my upmost approval.

Mia Brixey

15 year old from Edison High School

Traveled 26 times in 15 countries

I am in love with all of the architecture! The reason I joined this team was so I could visit Eritrea more! If you are as in love with history and nature as me, I definetly recomend visiting this magical place.

Meghan Le

15 years old from Edison High School

Traveled 36 times in 7 countries

Beautiful. That is the perfect word to describe this amazing place. Eritrea is the definition of beautiful and has the most amazing beaches, architecture, museums, and nature. I love being apart of this team so I can tell everyone about my love for this country. Please take my advice and go visit this country. I definetly recomend visiting Dahlak Archipelago or in other words, the most beautiful island nations on Earht.

Brooke Strachen

15 years old from Edison High School

Traveled 28 times in 22 countries

Imagine this. An amazing beach with waves not too big, but not too small, a beautiful museum with breathtaking sites, a volcano that could erupt at any minute, and an amazing world wonder of Danakali Depression. This describes the very country I am proud to represent through this site! I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do!

Our Project:

As the Eritrean Escape Travel Company, we believe in promoting a "Better City, Better Life". We are doing this through the project by Sabrina Wang, of a sewage filtration system. The sewage treatment operations will be placed in Asmara, Keren, Assab, Mendefera or in other words, throughout Eritrean cities. Specifically, these will cleanse sewage water in order for it to be used in agriculture since that is a main source of revenue for Eritrean citizens. Hopefully this will give Eritreans a better life and make a better city.

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