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Asmara, Massawa, Dahlak Archipelago
A country with pristine architecture, stunning islands and beaches, and beautiful ancient ruins is the perfect desciption of the country, Eritrea. Located at the Horn of Africa, all 5,448,796 members of it's population enjoy looking at the amazing scenery throughout the entire country. Some of the most popular locations in the country include the capital city of Asmara, the city of Massawa, and the islands just off the coast of Eritrea, Dahlak Archipelago.

Best places in Eritrea

The National Museum of Eritrea


The Church of our Lady of the Rosary




St. Mary's Cathedral


Imperial Palace


The War Memory Square


Danakali Depression

Northern Border of Eritrea

Nabro Volcano

Coast of Eritrea

Dahlak Archipelago

Coastal Eritrea

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"Eritrea is one of the best places to visit and I esnure, that you will enjoy your experience!" -Faven Fatimah
"The architecture is beautiful and I loved visiting the beaches, I recommend the Crystal hotel near Dahlak Archipelago." -Robert Tran
"It has some great architecture, but I really enjoyed the food at the Asmara cafe in the capital city!" -Jeff Fullbright
"I enjoyed all of my vaction there, except I eish we could've explored Asmara more. I recommend visiting Asmara and especially the National Museum of Eritrea." -Michelle Mcquade

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The Eritrean Escape Travel Co. proudly represents the country of Eritrea and encourages you to visit this amazing country. As the founder, I, Taylor Fullbright, personally love this beautiful country and encourage you to explore this webiste to further explore the endless possibilities this country has to offer. Please click the "About" tab to get our information and further contact me with questions you may have.

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